TypeTastic Teams Up With CodeMonkey

We’re excited to announce a partnership with CodeMonkey, a leading platform for kids to learn coding through game-based and project-based courses.

CodeMonkey offers educational resources suitable for different grades and levels of experience. The variety of courses includes block-based and text-based coding, allowing students to learn to program like a real developer.

Like TypeTastic, CodeMonkey’s courses are fun and colorful, designed to maximize engagement and user experience to introduce students to foundational computer programming skills in a method that’s scalable for all levels of learning. From a block-based beginner course like CodeMonkey Jr. to a more advanced python course like Coding Chatbots, students are guided every step of the learning process. With the teacher resources, teachers feel empowered to teach coding.

CodeMonkey integrates with Google, Microsoft, Nearpod, and Clever, offering a streamlined learning experience. The acclaimed learning platform has introduced computer science skills to over 25 million students worldwide – and the number keeps growing.

CodeMonkey offers a 30-day trial for you to test all the courses and features free of charge – no strings attached.

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