TypeTastic Ad-free Edition for Schools is here

Our mission is to bring TypeTastic available for everyone. That’s why TypeTastic.com is completely free with Coppa compliant ads. Kids can just go to the site and start practicing right away!

However, we also know that many of you teachers would prefer to go ad-free and to serve the needs of our TypeTastic community better, we are now happy to announce our brand new Ad-free Edition for Schools. The Ad-free Edition has all the 150+ levels available at TypeTastic.com, just without ads, and more games are already on the way.

Ready for the most exciting part? Teachers can now sign up to use the Ad-free Edition for free for the time being. Totally, completely free, there’s no catch. Later on, it’s up to you to decide if you want to pay a small subscription fee or keep going for free by switching to an ad-sponsored mode.

Sign up for a free trial now!

Coming up: A full featured School Edition

This Ad-free Edition is just the first step on our journey to eventually provide a full featured School Edition with all the bells and whistles that the teachers are looking for. During the next 12 months, a set of major upgrades will take place as we will be rolling out a bunch of exciting, advanced features like logging in, customization, tracking, reporting, and a lot of new study materials.

The opportunities to develop our School Edition are endless! That’s why we invite you, teachers, to participate in this exciting developing process. Give us feedback, let us know the features you’d like to see in it, and we’ll listen. We’ll set your students for success and provide them with life-long typing skills together. We’d love to hear your thoughts and ideas about all this, so let us know what you’d like to see in TypeTastic School Edition. Send us feedback by commenting this blog post, connect with us on Twitter or Facebook, or reach us at hello@typetastic.com.

2 thoughts on “TypeTastic Ad-free Edition for Schools is here

  1. I am so excited about using this website with my students. It would help if you would read the instructions for the non-readers. Also, need some instructions under the Cupcake bugs. Not sure about moving the letters. It is not clear about moving the red panda to get to the key. Also, need instructions in Letter Truck. The website is very engaging. I feel students are really going to enjoy the site.


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