Classlink Integration now Available in TypeTastic School Edition

Ease of use is an integral part of choice-making when selecting a new tool to be used with your students. Especially during these challenging times when many classes are remote, not having to create new login credentials makes using different digital services much easier for both students and teachers.

We update TypeTastic School Edition regularly with improvements added here and there. Some smaller that you might not even notice, some bigger that have a significant impact on usability. Our latest update brings you Classlink SSO, adding another login method to consider among Google / Office SSO, Clever, and Google Classroom.

Curious to find out the differences between different login methods and integrations? Look no further; we’ve gathered a useful list to help you find the best login method for your school or district.

Google / Office 365 Single Sign-On (SSO)
When Google / O365 SSO is enabled, students can log in to TypeTastic with their school email address and password.

Google Classroom
Teachers can import students and classes from Google Classroom to TypeTastic.

Clever Secure Sync is available for large schools and districts. When Clever is enabled, users can log in to TypeTastic using the icon in Clever portal. Alternatively, you can embed the Instant Login link from your Clever Dashboard to the district intranet or web pages, or you can use TypeTastic native login URL.

Classlink SSO
Once TypeTastic has been assigned to users in the Classlink Management Console, students can log in to TypeTastic by clicking on the app icon in Launchpad.

Don’t wait any longer; go and try out TypeTastic today! We offer a free 60-day trial to ensure you and your students get to try TypeTastic and find out it’s the best keyboarding program!

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